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Lesson #4 – Be Annoying

One of the most important lessons I have learned in my journey to being normal is to be annoying.

In this aspect, there are two categories of people: the ones who are annoying and the ones who are annoyed by the first ones. The annoyers (yay! this is really a word in English!) do it because it is fun. Of course, it is fun only for them, and not fun at all for the others. But why would the annoyers care about this? In the end, it is only about them and nobody else but them! What about the others? Who cares? It is their fault that they cannot find fun in the annoyers’ annoyance!

These are some of the things the annoyers do:

  • Act in a repetitive way. Like for example, beat a rhythm of their own with the pen on the table. Or play with coins or the car keys over and over again, in spite of the obvious behavior of the others who clearly show to them that they are annoyed. Or say the same thing over and over again, without stop, no matter what. This reminds me of a joke: “A few people were travelling by train, and one of them started to complain: “Oh, how thirsty I am … Oh, how thirsty I am …” and he did that for a long time. In the end, one of the other travellers gave him a bottle of water. The man drank it, then with a satisfied sigh he started to say: “Oh, how thirsty I was … Oh, how thirsty I was …”
  • Break the fun of others. If the annoyers find out that something brings joy to someone else, they make everything possible to destroy that. I mean … why would others have fun? Isn’t it funnier to destroy that and see people miserable and annoyed?

When asked to stop their annoying activities, the annoyers will NEVER do it! Quite contrary, if anyone does the fatal mistake of asking them to stop, they will not only continue to be annoying, but they will multiply that, either by themselves, or by dragging other annoyers into it.

Now looking at both sides – the annoyers and the annoyed ones – I realize that the annoyers are the ones acting as normal people, while the annoyed ones are the abnormal ones. The annoyers have a lot of fun by making the other category of people miserable, stepping on their personalities, their soul, their pride. Again, it is the abnormal ones’ fault that they cannot find the fun in being annoying or being annoyed! It takes the old-fashion concept of common sense to not be an annoyer, and to realize that everyone has the same right to have fun and feel good. But the annoyers lack common sense. They consider it a deprecated concept, or a concept for fools.

Think on which side are you, or on which side you want to be.

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