Lesson #7 – Be Arrogant

There is a time in life when you, as a normal person, can start being arrogant and – of course – improve this new status to perfection. Most of us start in life from the bottom and try to go up. Not all of us are born rich and / or famous, we try to build that all our lives. Some make it, some don’t. But you’ve made it, so you are entitled to be arrogant.

First thing first, completely forget where you started from. Starting from the bottom is shameful and only for the fools. Obviously you will never tell anyone that that’s where you started from as well, but you will make sure that you will belittle everyone in that area, mainly pick on the ones who started together with you but never got to your fame or wealth. They are probably the abnormal ones who have those silly moral values, and would not accept to step on dead bodies to reach their goal, like you – as a normal person – did.

You will have to show them how tough you are, how smart you are, how beautiful and unparalleled you are. Of course, you will use the method described in Lesson #2 – Brag About Yourself and Your Activity, but not only that. You will learn and start using complicated words, you will roll your eyes and sigh deeply when the abnormal around you will not understand them, but of course, you will indulge them and show them how friendly you are and after asking them “you never heard this word, have you?”, you will explain to them what it means in a superior way, and treating them like retarded children.

Another method is to correct them all the time. You will hunt their mistakes and will present the correction as a favor. Of course they will have to thank you for wasting some of your precious time and will fall on their back in amazement of your smartness.

Nothing the other ones around you do will be good enough for you. Everything will stink, and you will show them how low they are compared to you.

There are many methods to show your arrogance, but once started on this path, you will discover them yourself.

However, remember this: there is a huge difference between being arrogant and being vain. Arrogance can be healed.  Vanity – NEVER!

As an abnormal person, I would rather have an arrogant around me – and be able to mock them rather than have a vain person which is really a waste. But that is only my abnormal person opinion ;).

Till next time

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