Lesson #10 – Never Be Loyal

Yeah, yeah, I know … theory says that loyalty pays off. But the theory never says what the payment for loyalty is.

From the lessons I’ve learned recently. I finally understood that loyalty is for fools … aka abnormals. An abnormal would believe in the theory mentioned above and will foolishly think that if they are loyal to a person, a company, a cause, this will be seen and rewarded. All is nothing but a big lie.

Let’s see a few examples:

You probably know of heard about people being loyal to the same company for years, then when they grow old, and they are close to retirement, they get fired without remorse. Weren’t they fools to believe that staying loyal to the same company will pay off in the end? They never thought the payment will be a sheet of paper saying: you’re fired!

Here’s another example: an abnormal would accept to work in a job he/she likes, but doesn’t pay much. He/she makes many sacrifices to keep working in that job, and believes all the promises made by his/her boss about having their salary increased after a while. Do you really think that loyalty, dedication, care for the company will pay off? Nope … not even a dime. Instead, after a while, the boss will hire someone else to work on the same position, but he would pay that person three times more than the abnormal. The abnormal will still be kept around, will be given less and less work, hence less and less money, and no explanations or ideas of improvement will be given. The abnormal will try to find out what did he/she do wrong, and how can he/she improve in order to get to have the boss’ promises kept by him, but the boss will be totally silent. Or at time he will say: “You did nothing wrong. Nothing changed for you.” Loyalty pays off? Sure it does! It translates in less work, less money, less everything.

So … NEVER be loyal! To a company, to a person, to a cause … NEVER! It’s not worth it. Become a normal person and work only based on YOUR advantage, not on others advantage!  If you find a better job, don’t look back: just leave, and follow your own interest. If you find better friends, kick off the old ones, and go after the new ones! ALWAYS go by the principle: If it is not about YOU, it is not important!

Next time, I will tell you how I’ve learned to be a good christian.

Till then,


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  1. Kinderling says:


    Loyalty gives the Weak more than the measure’s day,
    the Strong the moral grace to hack through dark and grey,
    it’s yours alone, be careful what you give
    for flourishing from steadfastness
    it’s growth means all shall live.

    The factory boss may be cruel, a mean and careless crud
    but all those waiting customers should not be eating mud.
    Your spouse may never love you, your President a fraud
    but honor of their positions will have its own reward.

    For your loyalty is to truth with love its gracious path
    It doesn’t seek perfection from those who didn’t bath,
    But patiently and calmly, the innocent be shied
    From rages of injustice and authorities that lied.

    So how can loyalty be blind? it’s magnificence a light
    that draws forth all the sick and those who have the blight
    of scratching at their bodies, as machines of time and space
    when loyally revealed them of a hidden place.

    • Tiana says:

      Thank you, Kinderling for the poem. And welcome to my site :). This is what normality should look like, but it’s not! In real world the opposite is valid. Loyalty is not blind, but in our twisted way, it repays in the weirdest way.

  2. Kinderling says:

    Oh yes, oh yes; they exclaim it must be right
    to give to the poor and destitute, “look here’s my Widow’s Mite”,
    and embrace you as a Fellow Traveler yet whose wisdom they eschew,
    when you say this loyalty cannot be bagged – for art or their sinew.

    And so they plan a Gnashers Fayre a banquet for the fed
    Of food you cannot partake, because there is no bread.
    They legislate, force membership through open gates of woe,
    And yet your loyalty cannot be exchanged for minds who are so slow.

    Where loyalty sits so very deep, a heart’s refreshing gleam
    you don’t have to hear fine words, to know from dream and scheme
    of Left and Right and things astray where lost are surely found,
    The only thing you need to know, is to stand on hallowed ground.

    And that’s not to lose, don’t try to win they want to have your cloak,
    say “that’s OK, here’s my suit, gold watch and diamond choke”
    And everything they’ll have in store, of pleasure, pride and glee,
    And what you still haven’t lost, is your loyalty.

  3. Kinderling says:

    See, look what you did, you inspired me to write a poem about your piece.

    Keep it up. (I’m looking forward to reading your treasures).

  4. Tiana says:

    WOW! I am really impressed! Thank you 🙂

    I am not writing too often, only when an act done by a normal person enrages the abnormal in me enough as to make me get over the fear of writing and I put my feelings in here.

    And honestly, I don’t even want to write too often, because it would mean that I am learning too many normality lessons which leave me a bitter taste.

    But of course, you are most welcome to visit me whenever you want.

  5. Dennis says:

    This is gold. I’ve always practiced this from a young age. To never question. Always trust. To believe every word. To give the benefit of the doubt. But now halfway through my life I find those are lies in most cases. Unless its your family or your soulmate, someone where true love is abundent there is no other place that loyalty can shine. I too have found this normalcy after something has turned on me in the workplace in my company and I struggle with conscience. But no more. There are better places to be. To blindy be loyal to everything is leaving yourself open to the worst pain. That was a nice write up. Thanks for posting it up. ~ Den

    • Tiana says:


      In life we are doing what we are taught, without thinking too much if it is good or bad. Good or bad for us, not for others. As for the loyalty … in my eyes it also means being passionate. Otherwise, why would you be loyal? This is something the normal people don’t understand.

      Thanks for the post, Dennis 🙂


  6. Biba says:

    Tiana – you are awesome! So right about loyalty! I was kicked out of my job as an Office Manager after 6 years and 4 months! I’ve “made” that company and built an amazing company culture and had a successful career. Only when I’ve reached 52 and dressed my age (not mini skirt and tits out) they thought they needed someone 1/2 my age ..That is how my loyalty paid off. Put don’t worry – I am a VERY smart “cat” and walked away with a decent pot of money, so very happy and relaxed…I will tell you more what I do now next time..


    • Tiana says:


      I love cats and I’ve learned and still learn a lot from them. One of the most important things I’ve learned is to never step on a cat’s tail! … lol. So go girl! You did great! As for the ones who kicked you, they obviously didn’t deserve you … their loss. And speaking about kicks, you know how they say: “every kick in the butt is a step ahead” or to put it more delicate: “when a door shuts down, a window opens“. Depends on us if we let ourselves crushed, or if we see it as a new beginning.

      Thanks for the reply 🙂


  7. Biba says:

    Thank you Tiana 🙂

    No, nothing can crush me, I promise! It all happened for a reason..It is more than a new beginning as you said. It is as if I was born again..

    Keep up with you amazing work, that is priceless and be a happy girl!




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