Lesson #10 – Never Be Loyal

Yeah, yeah, I know … theory says that loyalty pays off. But the theory never says what the payment for loyalty is.

From the lessons I’ve learned recently. I finally understood that loyalty is for fools … aka abnormals. An abnormal would believe in the theory mentioned above and will foolishly think that if they are loyal to a person, a company, a cause, this will be seen and rewarded. All is nothing but a big lie.

Let’s see a few examples:

You probably know of heard about people being loyal to the same company for years, then when they grow old, and they are close to retirement, they get fired without remorse. Weren’t they fools to believe that staying loyal to the same company will pay off in the end? They never thought the payment will be a sheet of paper saying: you’re fired!

Here’s another example: an abnormal would accept to work in a job he/she likes, but doesn’t pay much. He/she makes many sacrifices to keep working in that job, and believes all the promises made by his/her boss about having their salary increased after a while. Do you really think that loyalty, dedication, care for the company will pay off? Nope … not even a dime. Instead, after a while, the boss will hire someone else to work on the same position, but he would pay that person three times more than the abnormal. The abnormal will still be kept around, will be given less and less work, hence less and less money, and no explanations or ideas of improvement will be given. The abnormal will try to find out what did he/she do wrong, and how can he/she improve in order to get to have the boss’ promises kept by him, but the boss will be totally silent. Or at time he will say: “You did nothing wrong. Nothing changed for you.” Loyalty pays off? Sure it does! It translates in less work, less money, less everything.

So … NEVER be loyal! To a company, to a person, to a cause … NEVER! It’s not worth it. Become a normal person and work only based on YOUR advantage, not on others advantage!  If you find a better job, don’t look back: just leave, and follow your own interest. If you find better friends, kick off the old ones, and go after the new ones! ALWAYS go by the principle: If it is not about YOU, it is not important!

Next time, I will tell you how I’ve learned to be a good christian.

Till then,


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