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Lesson #6 – Be A Snake

Ok, so … what’s more pleasant than being a snake? A snake is a beautiful creature, with those beautiful eyes, and that awesome skin, crawling unheard around its victim, hugging it as if it is a friend; pouring poison in the victim’s blood, just to make it unaware of what will follow. And when the victim is unable to defend anymore, the snake either suffocates it, or casts the deadly bite.

Translated into the world of normal people, the snake is usually a woman (I’m sorry, ladies, but that’s what most of the women are). When she casts her eyes on another woman’s man, she adopts several strategies: she does everything in her power to bewitch the man, who forgets who was actually the woman who stood by him in the most difficult moments of his life. Another strategy is to befriend with the man’s partner and pretends to be a friend to her. She would criticize the evil man who is hurting the poor woman, she gives hugs, and she promises with tears in her eyes and voice that she would never touch him, no matter what. She is pouring her poison just to increase the victim’s confidence in her, and when the time is right for her, she strikes. All promises, all tears just prove to be lies. But this is specific to snakes, right?

Snakes don’t have moral values. This particular snake once told me: “It is not my fault that your man is talking to me, and becoming closer and closer to me”. When I told her that her moral values – I still thought she had some – should tell her to reject him, since he is involved into a relationship already, she started her poisonous flow of tears, telling me that by no  means she is interested in my man, and that she dearly loves her husband – yeah, she was “happily” married when all this happened. And then I remembered someone saying: “Never build your happiness on other people’s unhappiness”. And yet, the snake and the backstabber built their happiness on other people’s unhappiness. Is this a sign of hypocrisy? It is by me, and yet, another lesson learned.

What this lesson taught me? If you want to be happy, step on friends bodies, be a snake, be a backstabber and have absolutely no moral values: in three words – be a bitch! And you will succeed!

What the snake forgets though is that she is not the only snake in this world. And also, the same snake forgets that their skins end up being purses or belts.

Till next lesson


I had a lot of comments on this post, most of them from the people who knew the case I wrote about, and one from one of the characters described. I am choosing to not make them public out of at several reasons:

1. The ones commenting so far have a dose of subjectivity, which is normal, since this particular case developed in a pretty small virtual community. However, even if I have been reminded that, I’m old enough, and I have see enough in my life to know that the story happens all the time, and even worse, in real life. The casualties in virtual life are minimal … some souls hurt, and that’s it. In real life though, the damages are far worse: families broken apart, children (which are always the innocent victims) who feel guilty and insecure, material loss and so on. Snakes like the one described here do precisely the same in real life, without caring a bit about all that, other than their own (temporary) happiness.

2. Knowing that virtual community too well, I do not want the ones commenting here to be hurt and bashed.

3. The “snake’s” comment will not be posted either, and not because I do not want to let the other side tell their story, but simply because she never told her side of the story in her post. She only insulted and proved to me how shallow she is, and that she understood nothing out of this story. Oh, by the way, you can sue me, as intended. You will make the day of the court and make them laugh for weeks, if not longer.

Anyway, I promise to post any comment that comes outside that particular virtual community, since the commenters will not be touched by subjectivity. 😉